Reference Number File

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Before each grades file transmission, you may identify university applicants in your school/board file(s). This is done through the Reference Number File option in COLS, by selecting “OUAC Reference Number”:

  • The OUAC Reference Number file contains OUAC reference numbers for the school’s university applicants and is used to update the school’s or board’s grades file. As a result, data is transmitted only for those students who have an active OUAC application.
  • The OUAC Reference Number file is not intended for manual updating.
  • If you have questions about importing this file into your system, contact your software supporter.


  • You must notify the OUAC about any changes to the MIDENT numbers and Secondary School Student Numbers (SSSN) for new students, as these numbers are used to match the school/board electronic file to the OUAC database.
  • You must ensure that students (especially twins) do not share SSSNs and OENs.