Where can I find information about the Applicant Diversity Census?

The Undergraduate Application contains a series of questions about applicant diversity in the My Personal Details section.

The purpose of the Applicant Diversity Census is to:

  • assist in the implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives,
  • ensure that the universities are recruiting and selecting classes representative of the Canadian population and
  • address barriers to a university education.

The Census allows applicants to self-identify their ethnicity, religion and/or spirituality, sexual orientation and disability and/or impairment by responding to 4 questions. If an applicant chooses not to provide this information, they can select the “Prefer not to answer” response option available for each question.

The universities an applicant applies to may use the answers to:

  • identify any unconscious bias or systemic racism in the admission process and to monitor any programs implemented to address any bias.
  • inform the applicant of specific programs, services or supports available to equity-seeking groups, in an effort to improve the availability of a university education for equity-seeking communities.
  • support the admission process. Examples include, but are not limited to, making offers of admission and awarding scholarships.

As part of the Applicant Diversity Census, there are now more response options for the Gender Identity question in the My Personal Details section of the Undergraduate Application. While the Gender Identity question is a required question, applicants may select the “Prefer not to answer” response option if they choose not to provide their gender identity.

For information on how the universities an applicant applies to may use this information:

For information on the OUAC’s privacy practices, including how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, review the OUAC Privacy Statement.