One of my students applied to Ontario universities but there are extenuating circumstances or disabilities that have affected their academic performance. How do I notify the universities they selected that they have requested special admission consideration?

Categories: Grades

Applicants are asked to communicate directly with each university they selected about any extenuating circumstance(s) that may have adversely affected their admission status. Refer to Extenuating Circumstances for each university’s policy.

Applicants should remember to include their OUAC Reference Number on all correspondence. The applicant may request that you provide supplementary documentation to support their request.

All communications should be directed to the admission office of the university the applicant has applied to for admission or, where specified, to the office responsible for students with disabilities to discuss the services or consideration that may be needed. These steps should be taken early in the application process so that individual needs can be adequately addressed.

Some universities also provide special residence accommodation for students with physical disabilities. We advise students to contact the appropriate residence administrator when seeking special residence accommodations.