Common Questions: General

How can I change my COLS access level?

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Contact the COLS administrator at your school. They can change your access level.

What can students do if they are refused admission to all their choices?

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Beginning in June, Ontario high school students can search for openings at Ontario universities. To begin their search, students can visit the Undergraduate Application Guide and click “Search Open Programs”. Once they find an open program they would like to apply to, they can add it to their Undergraduate Application. We also encourage students to…

Where can I find information about the Applicant Diversity Census?

The Undergraduate Application contains a series of questions about applicant diversity in the My Personal Details section. The purpose of the Applicant Diversity Census is to: assist in the implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, ensure that the universities are recruiting and selecting classes representative of the Canadian population and address barriers to a…

Where can I find the Schedule of Dates?

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You can find the current Schedule of Dates under “Counsellor Resources”. We typically post the schedule for the next cycle in the spring.