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General Information

What is the PIE Calendar used for?
The PIE Calendar shows information about confirmed, cancelled and reinstated PIE.
Ontario guidance counsellors use the PIE Calendar to coordinate PIE in their region and plan joint events with other counsellors.

What information do I need to provide about our in-person event?
Provide as much information as possible (e.g., arrival and set-up time, duration, format, parking and unloading of materials and refreshments, if provided). The OUAC will share this information with the universities so they know what to expect.

What information do I need to provide about our virtual event?
Provide information about how university representatives can access your event (e.g., webinar link(s) and any necessary passwords or meeting codes, if applicable) and the format/schedule for your event. The OUAC will share this information with the universities so they know what to expect.

Will universities provide information in French?
It depends on the university. Some Ontario universities are bilingual, so attendees may have an opportunity to speak one-on-one with university representatives in French.

Booking an Event

Can we book more than 1 event?
Yes, you can book more than 1 event.

Can I book an event for next year?
No, you can book only for the current year.

What happens after I submit the PIE Booking Form?
Within 2-3 business days, the OUAC will post your event to the PIE Calendar. We will send you a confirmation email and notify the universities of your event.

How do I know if I successfully booked an event for our school?
You will receive a confirmation email and your event will be posted on the PIE Calendar.

I submitted the PIE Booking Form, but I haven’t received a confirmation email. What should I do?
Please allow 2-3 business days to receive a confirmation email. If it has been longer than this, email the OUAC.

After I book an event, can I provide additional details at a later date?
Yes, you may email the OUAC with additional details about your event and we will notify the universities.

I submitted the PIE Booking Form, but I need to change some information (e.g., contact information, event date) that I provided. Should I submit another booking form?
No. Email the OUAC with your changes. We will update the PIE Calendar and notify the universities.

How do I cancel our event?
Email the OUAC to advise you wish to cancel your event. We will update the PIE Calendar and notify the universities.

University Attendance

Will all Ontario universities attend our event?
All Ontario universities will be invited; however, not all universities may be able to attend.

How will I know which universities will attend our event?
The OUAC will notify the universities about your event. The universities will contact you directly to confirm their attendance.

If a university has not confirmed their attendance, should I assume they will not attend?
No. We suggest you contact the universities directly for confirmation.

Technology and Hosting Virtual PIE

Who is responsible for hosting our school’s virtual event?
You are responsible for hosting and running your school’s virtual event.

What platform should we use to host our virtual event?
Since you are hosting this event, you must determine what platform to use. The OUAC cannot advise you. If you are unfamiliar with hosting virtual events, you may wish to contact the IT department at your school.

We have booked a virtual event. Will the universities send us a webinar link?
As you are hosting the event, you are responsible for running the event. You must send any URL links and passwords/meeting codes (if applicable) to the OUAC so that they can be forwarded to the universities.

If you want the universities to provide the links, please be advised that it is up to each university to choose whether they will provide a link. You may wish to contact the universities directly for more information.